FW: sollentuna in deschall rankings

Zuschlag, Fred N. (694047@swfmail.swflant.lmsc.lockheed.com)
Mon, 12 May 97 07:03:00 PDT

If you're only in it for the money, then why bother with an effort where,
if you DO find the key, you will only get 40% of the take? Whynot run
BRYDdes or some other standalone client?

Fred Zuschlag

Sent: Friday, May 09, 1997 1:16 PM
To: Rick Hornsby
Cc: Hagander Magnus; deschall
Subject: RE: sollentuna in deschall rankings

On Fri, 9 May 1997, Rick Hornsby wrote:

> Maybe I missed the point. I thought this was a team effort. We're all
> working together for a common goal - showing that DES is outdated and
> insufficent for needs of today, and of tommorow. I think the
> rivalry between the schools is great - but this stuff about blocking
> from other places because they're checking out what we're up to?
> guys :) The bigger the team, the faster we'll be able to crack this
> - and I think the more satisfaction we'll have knowing that everyone
got a
> small part :)

I don't know about you buddy, but I'm in it for the money. Not
exclusively the money, but the money is a main factor. I myself would
like to see BOTH a wad of money and that DES increases bit-size to 64+
bits like everyone else..

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