RE: Server Keyspace Sizes

Rick Hornsby (
Mon, 12 May 1997 09:11:02 -0400

At 08.52 05.12.97 -0400, Shaun Stuart wrote:
>>Unfortunatley, it does seem to be causing problems for my win95 486DX4/100
>>box that the key blocks I've been getting have increased from 2^28 to 2^29
>>Processor 1 -- Elapsed time: 22229 seconds
>>Processor 1 -- Key not found
>>Processor 1 -- 2^29 complementary pairs of
>>Processor 1 -- Elapsed time: 67226 seconds
>Can this be right? 67226 seconds is 18.6 hours, by my calculations. My
Win95 >486DX2/66 does MUCH better than that! The only concern I have with
the new
>keyspace size is the 2 hour timeout limit. When I'm actively using my PC,
>takes just about 2 hours. One time it took 2.18 hours. I'd hate to have lost
>the work on those keys over a mere 11 minutes.

It would appear as though the wrong screen saver was running while I was
gone. Rather than a blank screen, one of the
OpenGL-high_CPU-rendering-type was running, and I'm fairly certain now
thats what was causing such off the wall numbers.

Processor 1 -- 2^29 complementary pairs of keys starting with 6D68A1FE80010101
Processor 1 -- Elapsed time: 4926 seconds
Processor 1 -- 2^29 complementary pairs of keys starting with 6868A23401010101
Processor 1 -- Elapsed time: 4951 seconds

These are numbers from last night/this morning, while the screen was just
blanked. Its still 80 minutes, but thats consistent with 2^28 at around 40
minutes :)

Btw: for the mac junkies out there, could one of you please e-mail me and
tell me how to kill the mac deschall client? I was running it for a few
minutes in a lab here at school, and couldn't get rid of the thing, except
by hard-resetting the machine. Even "Shutdown" wasn't working.