Re: setting deschal6 as service under NT

Nathan D. T. Boyd (
Mon, 12 May 1997 18:01:39 -0400

rob curtis wrote:
> I just started deschal6 on my Dell OptiPlex GXpro P6 machine which
> runs Windows NT. In order to make sure it is always runs, regardless
> of who is logged on, I installed SRVANY.EXE from the Windows NT
> resource kit and used it to setup deschal6 as a service. However, now
> I don't know how to view the status of deschal6 when it is running as
> a service. (If I run it normally under NT it opens a DOS box, so the
> status is easy to monitor) Does anyone know how I can view the status
> when it is running as a service?

You have to redirect deschal's output to a logfile. Here are the
registry values to get it working on my NT 4.0 box:

AppDirectory: D:\deschal
Application: C:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe /c
AppParameters: D:\deschal\DESCHAL6.EXE

I have my client installed in D:\deschal.

The actual application that SRVANY runs is the command processor, with
the "/c" argument telling it, in turn, to startup the process given by
its parameters. The service won't run correctly if you startup
deschal6.exe directly.

The command processor's parameters include the command that I would
normally be typing into the shell: the deschal client executable and its
arguments (comprising the key server and a redirecion of output to the
logfile log1.txt).

Right now I have it configured as a Manual service, but there doesn't
seem to be any reason why it could not be an Automatic service.

Stopping the service doesn't seem to kill the deschal6.exe process -- I
think SRVANY is confused and tries to kill the original cmd.exe
process. This means that after stopping the process, you have to
manually kill the deschal6.exe process with the Task Manager. The
implication is that you'll want to run the service under a non-system
account (such as your account) so that you'll have the permissions
necessary to kill deschal6.exe.

Let me know if you have any problems,


p.s. Thanks go out to Greg Hewgill for helping me figure this out in the
first place.

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