Keyserver Down Report

DES Challenge Lists (
Mon, 12 May 1997 20:56:12 -0600

Sunday morning from 01:54 AM Mountain Daylight Time until 06:11 AM MDT,
the keyserver was inaccessible from the Internet.

Here's the scoop:

A failure in US West's Loveland Central Office occured. I believe
it was a partial power failure.

The T1 line from Ft. Collins to Boulder is routed through the Loveland
C.O. This disconnected my ISP (Front Range Internet Inc) from one of
their upstream ISP's (the Colorado Internet Cooperative). FRII's T1
connection to MCI was still working, however.

Despite a total failure in the connection between FRII and the Coop, the
Coop continued to broadcast BGP routes to the Internet claiming the best
route to the keyserver was via the Coop.

It would appear that the Coop's refusal to "play by the rules" rendered
FRII's redundant T1 connection through MCI utterly useless.

Sorry. We're scrambling to figure out a way that clients will continue
to process keys in the "background" when they cannot connect to the


-- Rocke