Win95 GUI front-end

Randy Weems (
Tue, 13 May 1997 13:41:11 PDT

Ok, I've been putting some finishing touches on this front-end
that I've written for Win95 (and hopefully NT4.0). I think it's
ready for prime-time. Check it out at...

Or use use the direct link to at...

It runs as a small icon in the task bar and creates a hidden
console windows. It spawns the deschal client as a child process
that uses its console. It then watches the output and displays a
pretty progress bar and reports statistics. It also optionally
logs the output to a file.

But the real reason I wrote it is for the dial-up networking
support; it has the option of initiating a dial-up networking connection just
before the latest key block is done, waits
for the results to be sent and a new block obtained, and
then hangs up. This lets you run deschal on machines that
don't have a dedicated Internet connection; the front-end
will automatically connect for only about 1 minute when it's
necessary. If you're connected to your ISP when the front-end
starts to connect, it will use the current connection and not
close your connection when done.

Note that this is only a front-end for the real client. It's
not crunching the keys itself, but rather relies on the
appropriate deschal_.exe.

-Randy Weems

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