Re: Win95 GUI front-end

Randy Weems (
Tue, 13 May 1997 15:53:25 PDT

>>But the real reason I wrote it is for the dial-up networking
>>support; it has the option of initiating a dial-up networking connection just
>>before the latest key block is done, waits
>>for the results to be sent and a new block obtained, and
>>then hangs up.
>Can you tell me how you accomplished this? How is that deschal_.exe
>can tell your app when the next key block is about to finish?

It watches the output from deschal_.exe and counts the periods...
2^22 generates 2 periods, 2^23 generates 4, 2^24 - 8, 2^25 - 16,
etc. I would have prefered a closer integration with the deschal
client, but it looks like everyone's been too busy with optimizing
clients, etc. to give it much attention.

Did everyone else receive multiple copies of my post? I got
about 3. I only posted that message once, promise.

-Randy Weems

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