Re: Running deschall under 95 with no one logged in

Rick Hornsby (
Tue, 13 May 1997 20:16:02 -0400

At 19.55 05.13.97 -0400, you wrote:
>I believe that by making a simple batch file, then placing this file in the
>startup menu, you should do the trick.
>-start batch file (using edit or your favorite text handler)-
>-end batch file-

I don't think thats going to work - although it is an idea. It won't work
because windoze will not process the startup folder until a user has logged
in - and then it will select which startup folder to process. One way that
could work though would be this. Put a command line onto your 'load' or
'run' section of the win.ini file, as in the following ...


this loads my mail and web servers whether a user logs in or not, so that
they are always running. I'm not sure what the difference between load and
run is, maybe someone else could fill that part in? Also - what is the
syntax to add another program to either of those? Is it seperate by a
comma, semi-colon maybe? :)


*off in search of a 55 gallon drum for all the memory and system resources
that MSIE is leaking*