Autostarting DESChal on Win 95

Michael Smith (
Tue, 13 May 1997 21:00:15 -0500

Okay, after picking up DESGui (nice program, BTW) I decides to do a
little poking into the registry (hold my breath!) to see if I could
figure out a way to have DESChal run without anyone being logged into
the machine. Some of the discussions about NT and services got me
started in the right direction. I ran regedit and did a search for
Services, and found a key under
HKLM\SOFTWARE\WINDWS\CurrentVersion\RunServices. I
noticed that there was an entry for my anti-virus program, which
happens to run even if nobody immediately logs into the machine when
booted. I added a new string value, calling it DES Challenge, and
setting its value to the location of DESGui- "c:\windows\desktop\des
challenge\desgui.exe". I rebooted, and all is fine (Let that breath

Now, when I reboot, DESChal runs no matter what. Now, if I can just
get it to run down in the task bar instead of in a normal window.
Any ideas, Randy?

Since I'm not at work, I don't know how it'll do on a "real" network
with ppl logging in and out all the time. My Linux/Win95 two machine
net just isn't up to much beta testing :-) I'd love to hear if this
works, tho.


PS-Just found a little more info on RunServices key. Look at
Crack DES now!!

Michael Smith
Fort Worth, TX