Re: Win95 GUI front-end

Andrew DeKoning (
Wed, 14 May 1997 15:28:14 -0500

> > If you're connected to your ISP when the front-end
> > starts to connect, it will use the current connection and not
> > close your connection when done.
> >

> I think that I've found a bug in this program. On my Pentiums,
> both a 133 and a 166, when doing a block of 2^28 keys, the program
> dials in after only 50% of the keys have been searched, about 400
> seconds before the block is done. With a block of 2^30, it dials
> in after only 13% is complete.
> I puzzled over this for a while, and then noticed that at both of
> these
> points occured at the end of a line of .'s Could there be a bug in
> the end of line dectection? Or at the very least, detecting when to
> dial-up.
> If I hang up after it dials in by mistake, it'll try to reconnect at
> the
> end of the next line.
> Anyone else nothice these "features" ?

I'm having problems with the front end also.

Right now I have the front end on a P200 notebook and I get almost
identical results, with a connect at 50% completed.
I was thinking along the same lines as to a possible cause, with the
program not recognizing the size of the keyspace being checked or
something similar.
Mine however does not try to connect after I log it off manually and
sits waiting at the end of a block until I again, then most of the time
it starts a new block, trying to log in on a 2^30 block at the same
point (13%).
If I am logged in already browsing before the progam attempts to find a
connection it does not disconnect, only when I start the connection when
it is waiting for one, and only some of the time.Also I'm wondering how
the keys per second are being measured, because I have been getting a 8
second first 2^22 block (around 1M key/sec), but now am getting 24
seconds (about 350k key/sec). Does it include the time it waits for a
connection when it calculates the key/sec? It slowly works its way to
approximately 950k key/s by the time it gets to a 2^30 block of keys.

On the positive side I like the fact that I'm only on the modem for 15
seconds every time it dials (except when I do it manually, when it takes
30-45 seconds). I was running freeDUM dialing in every twenty minutes
and using about 1:30 for every call. This method was using all of my
school alloted dial-up time per month just for DESchall!

Andrew DeKoning <>