Win95 GUI update

Randy Weems (
Wed, 14 May 1997 13:22:31 PDT

I was going to hold off a few days and try to
incorporate more of the suggestions I've received,
but there's one bug in particular in the initial
release of DESGui (a bug that I introduced trying
to make the dial-up code _more_ robust of all
things) that needed to be taken care of ASAP. It
was causing the dial-up code to connect
prematurely and stay connected for a long time (some
of you noted that it appeared to be connecting at
the end of every line...that wasn't by
was an bonus "feature"). So, I've gone ahead and
built V1.1 of DESGui and put it up at...

The fixes include...

* The program would sometimes dial prematurely.
* It now attempts to reconnect after being disconnected.
* The keys per second calculation sometimes overflowed and reported
negative values.
* Special handling was added for when a key is actually found.
* Hide on startup fixed (finally...been fighting this one since
the beginning)
* It checks for the console app version number in case it is updated.
* Progress Tab initially reads "Waiting to start Client..."

Some of you have also reported that DESGui complains about a
missing RASAPI.DLL on NT machine and won't run. Well, DESGui
uses the Remote Access Services API, which requires that DLL.
I'm pretty sure the same thing will happen on Win95 if
dial-up networking isn't installed. There are (at least)
three possible solutions.

1. Build a special version of DESGui that doesn't

2. Build a version that loads the appropriate functions
dynamically at run-time (rather than use the normal
dynamic linking at load-time), and simply don't
use the RAS functions if they're not available.

3. Install RAS on the machine, even if won't be used.
It'll take up a little extra memory and drive space,
but the RAS DLLs aren't all that large.

Number 2 is probably the "best" solution, but I'm more
inclined to go with number 3 ('cause it's less work on

Randy Weems

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