Empty reply message

Ben Byer (alex_murray@VNET.IBM.COM)
Wed, 14 May 1997 19:45:55 -0400 (EDT)

Searching the archives, I discovered that Justin Dolke wrote,
> Oops. It appears we forgot to distribute a module that the gateway uses.
> If you're getting "Empty reply" messages, you'll just need to save the
> included code into "Escape.pm". Sorry about this. :-)

I'm also getting "Empty reply" messages back from deschall-u2t; however, I
*do* have libwww installed and happy (including the URI::Escape stuff); just
installed it, all 'make test's passed.

Um, do I *really* have to use perl5.003? I'm currently at 5.002 with
supplemental package installs such as libnet, MD5, Socket, and the libwww.

U2T 2228: UDP server started on port 8669 at Wed May 14 19:19:16 1997
U2T 2228: connection from bacchus.vsc.can.ibm.com [ ] at port ...
U2T 17080: GET http://deschall-gateway.verser.frii.com:2345/I2%2022%20%3F%2...
U2T 17080: sent TCP request: I2 22 ? V0.214 Apr 4 1997 15:04:13 at Wed May...
U2T 17080: got raw reply: at Wed May 14 19:20:54 1997
U2T 17080: got TCP reply: at Wed May 14 19:20:54 1997
U2T 17080: Empty reply from T2U proxy. at Wed May 14 19:20:54 1997

I took the liberty of adding the "got raw reply" line just before the unescape
call, just to check if in fact unescape was eating the reply: nope. Bueller?
Am I getting through to the deschall-gateway?

The TCP requests would have come via mpngate1.ca.us.ibm.com (or mpngate2

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