New clients and gateways released.

Justin Dolske (
Wed, 14 May 1997 23:43:58 -0400 (EDT)

Another busy day!

General News

Wow! We're really crunching keys! We've topped the 3 billion keys per
second mark, and have over 9600 hosts participating! We've finished a bit
more than 6% of the keyspace. Let's try to keep increasing that rate --
there are a LOT of unused cycles out there, and we've still got a long way
to go!

Gateway news

For gateway users, a new version of the UDP to TCP gateway has been
released. Please upgrade as soon as possible. You can find the newest
version (1.3) at:


Although your participation will still be anonymous with the new gateway
(by default), an option has been added to make your participation public
(you'll appear in the stats as if you're not using the gateway). This will
start working when the new stats go online -- best to upgrade now!

Macintosh News

A new version of the MacOS client has been released. It's been hand
optimized by Andrew Meggs, so you should see a performance gain on PPC
systems. The client is optimized for all PPC chips (601,603,604), so
seperate versions are no longer required. The client is still a Fat
binary, so 68000 based Macs can still participate.

64bit Processor News

3 new 64-bit Bitslice clients have been released. Two are completely new
-- a version for Sparc processors running HAL/OS-SPARC64, and a version
for Hewlet-Packard PA-RISC 2.0 systems. If you've got one of these
systems, you should see about a doubling of speed over the old client!

The third client is a replacement for the existing 64 bit SGI MIPS
client. The old version was compiled with -mips4, which doesn't run on
mips3 processors, some of which are 64 bit. Oops. No need to upgrade
unless you've got a mips3 type processor in your SGI.

It appears a 64 bit Sparc version for Solaris users won't be available
for quite awhile, if ever. Solaris 2.5.x doesn't support 64 bit ALU
operations! 64 bit operations are supported in Solaris 2.6, but it's still
in beta testing. In the meantime, just keep using the existing Sun Sparc

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