Question: Timed out blocks:

Johan Hartzenberg (
Thu, 15 May 1997 09:11:45 +0200

Hi all.

I think my deschal locks up if a block timed out. For example when my
ISP was down for a few hours and came back on, I dialed in. But DES
just sits there and doesn't get a new block. I ping the server and it's
fast and steady. I kill the client and restart it and it grabs a
(little) block immediately. There was no problem with the keyserver.
It's just that the client doesn't get a new block if it's current block
timed out.

Does that happen for anyone else? has this been discussed here before
(I've got over 150 unread messages from this list, sorry, I admit I'm
not good at reading all my mail)