Re: Question: Timed out blocks:

Dakidd (
Thu, 15 May 1997 07:14:01 -0400

Johan Hartzenberg <> wrote:

>Hi all.
>I think my deschal locks up if a block timed out. For example when my
>ISP was down for a few hours and came back on, I dialed in. But DES
>just sits there and doesn't get a new block. I ping the server and it's
>fast and steady. I kill the client and restart it and it grabs a
>(little) block immediately. There was no problem with the keyserver.
>It's just that the client doesn't get a new block if it's current block
>timed out.
>Does that happen for anyone else? has this been discussed here before
>(I've got over 150 unread messages from this list, sorry, I admit I'm
>not good at reading all my mail)

Yep, I've had the same thing happen running the Mac client. A block will
complete, I'll get the display of how long it took, and if my connection
isn't live (which, due to my provider's idle timeout, is guaranteed to be
the case for a block bigger than 2^22) the client will then just sit there
until doomsday. Doesn't matter if I reconnect or not. I've left it sitting
running for almost an hour waiting to see if anything useful would happen,
and gotten absolutely nowhere.

I'm thinking that UDP or not, the connection to the server needs to be
explicitly closed immediately after the keyblock assignment is recieved,
since it seems like the client is getting the initial contact, bind()ing
the socket connection, and then assuming that the link is going to stay
good for as long as it is running. An explicit close of the link *MIGHT*
(can't say for sure, since we can't look at the code) make all the
difference in the world.

Personally, if I had the code to play with, I'd go with the notion of
bringing up the UDP connection from scratch and then close it down
completely each time I went after a key-block or reported results to the
server. That way the client wouldn't be relying on (possibly) stale IP
information hanging around between talk-to-the-server sessions.

It's pretty frustrating for me, since this little "feature" has managed to
lose 5 of the 2^26 blocks for me (at 8 hours each, +/- an hour on this
machine) and has also dropped at least 5 or 6 of the 2^22 blocks (20
minutes to an hour, depending on how active I am at the keyboard during
one). Seems like a massive waste of effort to me.

Here's another thought that crossed my mind after the latest lost 2^26 block:
Is there any provision to manually add a block to the server as having been
checked? I've got a screen-shot of the display after the latest lost one
sitting here on my drive. If Rocke can manually twiddle things on the
server so as to "catch" that block, where should I send it, and what
graphics format (jpeg, gif, something else?) should I send it in? +------------------------------+
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