Re: Question: Timed out blocks:

andrew meggs (
Thu, 15 May 1997 08:38:57 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 15 May 1997, Dakidd wrote:

> Personally, if I had the code to play with, I'd go with the notion of
> bringing up the UDP connection from scratch and then close it down
> completely each time I went after a key-block or reported results to the
> server.

For various other reasons it was necessary to make that change for the
MacOS client to be able to use multiprocessing, but you guys won't get to
play with that version for a few days yet.

As a temporary fix, I recommend getting a little program called
"Mac TCP Watcher" from info-mac and setting it to continuously ping so your dialup connection appears to be active.

> Is there any provision to manually add a block to the server as having been
> checked?

There are nearly 10,000 active clients, and my gut feeling is that if
everyone started requesting that it could become a really labor-intensive
process for those on the server end, especially if they all sent in screen
shots. Not to belittle your efforts, but that big 2^26 block is less than
0.0000002% of the keyspace, so personally I wouldn't sweat over one lost
block more or less. Rocke's opinion may vary. :)