Re: OS/2 deschal6.exe unknown error messages

Charles Forsythe (
Thu, 15 May 97 10:40:22

On Thu, 15 May 97 08:39:56 -0400, wrote:
>Can someone tell me what these errors in the OS/2 client mean?
>The second one occurs when I stop the client.
>What message file is it looking for? And what is "sendto:" ?

The first message (sendto:) is a UDP/IP message. sendto is a BSD socket API for
sending a packet (often a UDP datagram) to a particular IP address.

The second message is announcing the interrupt by ctrl-C (SIGINT). Get Rocke's

What I want to know is, are these files for use by OS/2 standard libraries or by
some cross-platform library that Rocke used? Where did they come from? Where
should they be put? (they work if you put them in the working directory of your
deschal* client)

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