Re: Windows 3.1 (MS DOS) client?
Thu, 15 May 1997 12:02:55 -0400

An MSDOS client could be compiled to check keys fairly easily with
something like DJGPP. The difficulty here is the networking. The
current client operates on 32 bit winsock. Also, I haven't seen the
source but if it is multithreaded then win32s would not work anyhow.

- Mark

On 15 May 97 at 9:26, Howard Wilson wrote:

> >
> > Is there a MSDOS client? I have several (40+) pentiums machines
> > which are running win 3.1 and can be set up to run DES
> > if there was a client that worked with it. I've got a DOS tcp/ip
> > stack loaded on them.
> Has anyone tried running it under win3.x with win32s installed?
> Unless I'm mistaken, the client is a 32 bit program, which is what
> stops the win3.x users, but doesn't win32s "correct" that problem?
> Howard