Stats Machine

Karl J. Runge (
Thu, 15 May 97 15:41 PDT

Hi all,


Last night I went to start transforming my "digested" logs into HTML on my
friend's cool PPro 200MHz 32MB Linux box he has kindly let me use.

The guy appears to have ultra-sensitive ears, doesn't like the PC whine,
so shuts it off during much of the day. Half the time he usually
forgets to turn the PC on for me to use that night before he goes home :-(

So this is not going to work IMHO. About a week ago I asked you all for
a fast machine to do the log processing on. Some great guys responded
and offered their machines. Thanks!

>From what I recall the boxes were (primarily?) OS/2 machines. I'm a Unix
weenie. I know I can telnet into OS/2 and the GNU tools have been
ported and so has my beloved editor "vim", etc. But I know from
experience (~ 200 hours) that although 90% of Unix environment can
get achieved on Windows and OS/2 the remaining 10% is aggravating and
time consuming.

Since I imagine I will be changing what statistics we report (e.g.
"Wouldn't it be great to make a 3D plot of keys processed vs platform
AND average client session duration!), I will need to go to the
stats machine alot and hack.

I prefer doing this on Linux. But of course any Unix is OK. (my
script currently depends on GNU "date", but that is easily fixed)

So... My dream stats machine: PPro, Linux 24hrs/day, 64MB RAM or more,
500+ MB of HD dedicated to stats. Owner possibly willing to take over
some of the stats production (we can crontab(1) for most of it, but not
all). Rocke may ask for NDA.

Any takers?