Re: Mac client statistics

Mike Weber (
Fri, 16 May 1997 08:55:39 -0400

>Power Mac 8500/180 (180 MHz PowerPC 604) approx 990k keys/sec

I believe the 8500/180 has a 604e as well. At least, my manual says it
does. :)
Now we have empirical data that says the 604e is 28% faster at a given
clock speed than the 603e.

Has anyone noticed any improvement by using the "quit other apps" item? I
did, but when I went to quit DesChall the next morning to get my finder
back, the machine hung. :( 7.6.1, minimal 3rd party extensions.

Also, other than watching each machine closely, is there a way to know when
the program has timed out on receiving a new block and needs to be
restarted? I like to check the clients every 12 hours or so to keep 'em up
and working. :)


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