Re: Mac client statistics

Scott M. Hinnrichs (
Fri, 16 May 1997 07:57:41 -0800

At 7:14 PM -0800 5/15/97, nick sklavounakis wrote:
>Here are the stats from our Macs ( using the new client.
>PowerBook Duo 2300c (100 MHz PowerPC 603e) approx 400k keys/sec
>PowerBook 1400cs (117 MHz PowerPC 603e) approx 485k keys/sec
>PowerBook 3400c (180 MHz PowerPC 603e) approx 775k keys/sec
>Power Mac 7600/120 (120 MHz PowerPC 604) approx 630k keys/sec
>Power Mac 7600/132 (132 MHz PowerPC 604) approx 720k keys/sec
>Power Mac 8500/180 (180 MHz PowerPC 604) approx 990k keys/sec
>Power Mac 8500/200 (200 MHz PowerPC 604e) approx 1095k keys/sec

Here are a couple more to add to the list:

Powerbook 3400/240 (240mhz PowerPC 603e) approx 1065k keys/sec
UMAX S900/250 (250mhz PowerPC 604e) approx 1368k keys/sec

These numbers are for other apps off, and are 2^28 timings.