Re: Mac client statistics

Lee Larson (
Fri, 16 May 97 12:22:28 -0400

>>PowerBook Duo 2300c (100 MHz PowerPC 603e) approx 400k keys/sec
>>PowerBook 1400cs (117 MHz PowerPC 603e) approx 485k keys/sec
>>PowerBook 3400c (180 MHz PowerPC 603e) approx 775k keys/sec
>>Power Mac 7600/120 (120 MHz PowerPC 604) approx 630k keys/sec
>>Power Mac 7600/132 (132 MHz PowerPC 604) approx 720k keys/sec
>>Power Mac 8500/180 (180 MHz PowerPC 604) approx 990k keys/sec
>>Power Mac 8500/200 (200 MHz PowerPC 604e) approx 1095k keys/sec

If anyone really wants a few more.

PowerBase 200 (200 MHz 603e/256K L2) 863k keys/sec
PowerBook 5300ce (117 MHz 603e/0K L2) 312k keys/sec
PowerWave 604/132 (132 MHz 604/256K L2) 699k keys/sec

What the new client really needs is a fix for the problem that you can't
drop a PPP conection and get reconnected to the key server when you
re-dial after the computation. There was some discussion of this

If the DESChall client could cause the automatic initiation of a PPP
connection (as most Mac clients can), the PPP controller could be set for
a 5 minute timeout to make the whole thing automatic. I do this with

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