Re: Mac client statistics

Will Koffel (
Fri, 16 May 1997 16:06:08 -0400

Here's another one:

PowerBook 5300cs/100 (100 MHz PowerPC 603e(v?)) approx 401k keys/sec

That's for tests on 2^26, 2^28, AND 2^30 block sizes! Very consistent
estimates under the new Mac client. And great optimization, especially for
the 603e, previously ignored. My powerbook feels loved. BTW, are all the
603e's actually 603ev (the low voltage version, which is kinda the point.)?

Also, can someone explain what that sneaky "allow processor cycling" option
does? You gotta love Mac for slipping stuff like that in the background of
control panels. Makes you think maybe the Mac deserves a little more
respect as a power-operating-system. I don't know. I've been converted to
UNIX since I got to MIT, but I'm a Mac-user at heart, I guess. :)

At 7:57 AM -0800 5/16/97, Scott M. Hinnrichs wrote:
>At 7:14 PM -0800 5/15/97, nick sklavounakis wrote:
>>Here are the stats from our Macs ( using the new client.
>>PowerBook Duo 2300c (100 MHz PowerPC 603e) approx 400k keys/sec
>>PowerBook 1400cs (117 MHz PowerPC 603e) approx 485k keys/sec
>>PowerBook 3400c (180 MHz PowerPC 603e) approx 775k keys/sec
>>Power Mac 7600/120 (120 MHz PowerPC 604) approx 630k keys/sec
>>Power Mac 7600/132 (132 MHz PowerPC 604) approx 720k keys/sec
>>Power Mac 8500/180 (180 MHz PowerPC 604) approx 990k keys/sec
>>Power Mac 8500/200 (200 MHz PowerPC 604e) approx 1095k keys/sec
>Here are a couple more to add to the list:
>Powerbook 3400/240 (240mhz PowerPC 603e) approx 1065k keys/sec
>UMAX S900/250 (250mhz PowerPC 604e) approx 1368k keys/sec
>These numbers are for other apps off, and are 2^28 timings.

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