Mac Client rates

Michael Spomer (
Fri, 16 May 1997 16:24:38 -0400

I thought I'd throw my numbers in to round out the info. I'm running on a
8100/100 using a 601.
Connecting using FreePPP on a Sporster Voice 33.6 which is connecting at 31200.
Running as front window:
2^22 - 239k keys/sec;
2^26 - 196k keys/sec;
2^28 - 165k keys/sec;
2^29 - 96k keys/sec
Running the window in the background caused the speed to slow to about 55%
of these numbers.
These are with out using the "Quit other apps." command. Need to use Eudora
to keep contection through ISP from timing out. Took 8 hours (runningwindow
both in front and back, mostly in back) to run 1-2^22; 1-2^26; 4-2^28 and
1-2^29 search yesterday.

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Michael Spomer