Re: Win95 GUI Problems

Stephen Nichols (
Fri, 16 May 1997 17:07:37 -0500

As an FYI,me too, kind of message it also happened to me under Windows NT 4.0.


At 09:55 PM 5/16/97 GMT, Jeff Gilchrist wrote:
>I am currently running the Win95 GUI 1.1.
> I will dial into the Internet, check my mail, etc... and load
>Win95GUI. It loads initially in non-automatic dial mode. It will get the
>first packet (2^22), then get the second packet (2^26). At this point, I
>log off the Internet and switch Win95GUI to Automatic Dial mode. Once the
>2^26 packet is done, it will dial into the Internet, get the next packet
>and log off again fine. It will check the new 2^28 packet but when that is
>60sec to completion, before it dials in, the Win95GUI locks up.
> If I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, Win95 reports that it is not responding and I
>have to end the task. Any idea what might be wrong? I am running Win95 on
>a 486DX4-75 with a 28.8k modem.
> The problem is fully reproducible and happens every time I do this.
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