Re: Mac client statistics

Dakidd (
Fri, 16 May 1997 19:21:53 -0400

>What the new client really needs is a fix for the problem that you can't
>drop a PPP conection and get reconnected to the key server when you
>re-dial after the computation. There was some discussion of this
>If the DESChall client could cause the automatic initiation of a PPP
>connection (as most Mac clients can), the PPP controller could be set for
>a 5 minute timeout to make the whole thing automatic. I do this with

I believe that it can be done by explicitly shutting down the TCP package
and reopening it for EVERY attempt to talk to the server, rather than
assuming that it stays open all the time. Failing that, a call to the
"where the heck am I?" routine (I'd be more specific, but it's been several
months since I've played with GUSI, so I've forgotten the exact function
name) before each and every attempt to talk to the server should also fix
what I believe to be the problem (specifically, stale "this machine's
address is..." information)

While definitely not as elegant as other possible solutions, it would get
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