RE: what does this all mean?
17 May 1997 22:01:00 -0000

I have no literature to back up the claims of a possible 2GHz clocked chip
other than knowing that 1GHz alpha AXP's are already running in laboratory
environments, and logic behind a DES key *checker* (yes, that's what i
meant) is a lot simpler than an entire CPU.

given all of the above, a gedanken experiment can be performed with paper
pencils, and a few people who know a little bit more than i do about hardware
fabrication, over coffee, and it works out that it's highly likely that if
processing DES keys became something we needed to have done very quickly,
we could do it without too much difficulty.

(in further speculation, i for one would love to see a massively parallel DES
box built that could do it in realtime. several $million worth of DES
logic in a big box is quite feasable for large organizations who really want
to read your DES encrypted junk.)

Further discussion should probably be taken to another list..