RE: server running?

Shaun Stuart (
Mon, 19 May 1997 09:06:00 -0400

>Shaun> I'm not getting anything
>Shaun> and after a while, deschal-u2t returns the following:=20
>Shaun> U2T 2490: connection from [] at port 2021 at Mon =
May 19
>Shaun> 08:17:51 1997=20
>Shaun> TCP connect: No route to host at line 269
>Shaun> main::serveit called at line 243=20
>Shaun> main::spawn called at line 210
>Stupid question time. Are you going through a gateway, or using
>udprelay? If so, you'll need to point your client at that. If not,

I'm going through a firewall. This is the same setup I've been running =
the past two weeks with no problems. Came in to work this morning and my =
connection to the firewall was dead, so I tried to reconnect and start = again and this is what I got.=20