DESGui V1.2

Randy Weems (
Mon, 19 May 1997 11:09:10 -0500

DESGui V1.2 is available at...

This one has been tested pretty thoroughly. Lock ups, etc.
should all be fixed. One of the more noticeable changes
is the Console window (or lack thereof). The client
app is now started as a detached process with output
redirected to DESGui. No console window is created.
If you'd still like to directly see the output from
the client, turn on logging and look at the log file
in a text editor (or tail the log file).

Here's the version info...

V1.2 - More fixes, statistics added.
* Client is now started as a detached process. Goodbye Console window!
* Console window (and Auto hide console option) have been removed.
* The Statistics Tab has been added.
* Estimated time remaining and percent complete added to Progress Tab.
* Fixed lock ups when starting a new connection.
* Added a help section on Dial-up Networking since people seem to be
having problems.

Randy Weems