Stats, frames, etc

Karl J. Runge (
Mon, 19 May 97 09:57 PDT


I deleted the mail, but someone on the list mentioned that they could not
use "find" in their browser inside a frame. If they are using netscape
you have to click first in the frame you want to search in and then
click the find button. This is the behavior on the Unix netscape at least
(which has the worst UI of the netscape platforms...)

Please note we are working on a Non-frames version, but only so much can
be done per unit time. If someone out there would like to save the html
from the site and make me a nice no-frames link going to a single page
from which one can select the various stats I would appreciate it very
much. So much in fact I would embody your intelligence in my perl

Finally I went to bed before midnight last night. Oh it was great!
I will try to get the updated stats ready by this afternoon. Still in
the process of creating a discipline for the stat generation...