Re: PPC/AIX optimizations?

andrew meggs (insect@Antennahead.COM)
Mon, 19 May 1997 15:50:46 -0400

At 10:02 AM -0500 5/19/97, Johnathan P. Gaetz wrote:
>At 06:15 PM 5/18/97 -0400, andrew meggs wrote:
>>Not currently, but the assembly for the MacOS/PPC version can be
>>incorporated into the AIX client if and when someone with experience with
>>AIX development tools comes forward to do it. Same goes for MkLinux and,
>>if there's ever a port, BeOS.
>I'm moderately experienced in assembler on both x86 and MC680x0 architectures.
>Converting something over to RISC shouldn't be much of a chore if the basic
>code blocks exist.

I think you're misunderstanding. I've already written a hand optimized
PowerPC assembly version and it's in the current PowerMac client. It can be
used on other POWER and PowerPC systems, but I have zero experience with
AIX development. I don't know the name of the command to invoke the AIX
assembler, let alone how the source directives and calling conventions
might have to be changed.

And, even though it's not an issue here, IMHO doing a straightforward
translation of something into "RISC" is easy. Producing code that takes
maximum advantage of the unique performance features of a 604e (or any
other specific CPU architecture) requires significantly more insight.

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