Quit DESCHALL without reboot?

Seth D. Schoen (sigma@ishmael.nmh.northfield.ma.us)
Mon, 19 May 1997 17:18:18 -0400

I have just started to participate in DESCHALL and have just joined this
mailing list. I attend a high school with two Macintosh labs of 16
computers each and a Windows lab of about 5 machines. I've started to run
the DESCHALL client on some Windows machines via a scheduler program, as well
as full-time on a Linux box, but I'm wondering about both the Macs and the
PCs. I believe I can get permission to run the client on all the lab
machines, but this needs to be an evenings-only arrangement and it is not
convenient to reboot the machines, especially the Windows boxes. Is there
some way available to instruct or force the client to quit on an unattended
machine? The clients need to be stopped by the time users get to the machines
in the morning.

I have access to some high-level language compilers for either platform, so
if there's a solution involving some code-writing, it might be feasible.
What are people doing in other lab situations?

I apologize if this question has already been (frequently) answered here;
as I say, I'm new to the project and the list.

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