DESGui and NT 3.51

Randy Weems (
Mon, 19 May 1997 15:14:26 -0500

Despite what the help file says, I had no idea
DESGui would even run on NT 3.51. I figured either
the RAS services or the Shell functions weren't
available on NT 3.51, but apparently they are and
DESGui will start up just fine on NT 3.51. Of course,
DESGui is initially hidden, and there's no icon tray,
so there's no way to activate it. I tried adding a
global hot key that shows DESGui a few days ago; long
story short: there seems to be a problem under Windows
with global hot-keys and hidden windows (maybe that's
the way Microsoft intended it, I don't know).

In any case, here's a work around. I've created a little
console app that simulates a double-click on DESGui's
task bar icon (even if there is no task bar icon to
double click). It's called sdg.exe and you can find
it, as always, at...

This should make DESGui usable to NT 3.51 users.

Randy Weems