Re: keyspace timeout?

Andrew James Alan Welty (
Mon, 19 May 1997 22:04:17 -0400

So WHAT IS THE ACTUAL TIMEOUT? I've got some 1-2% or more of all the
cracks over the weekend possibly being dropped due to this 2 hour
timelimit. This was a long weekend - wait til this week, this will
CLIMB ALOT. (Specially on thos alphas which have massive source tree
rebuilds one hour and none the next. The escalation/reduction algorythms
will be fluctuating the key check size alot on those machines -- and

The timeout is a minimum of two hours. Depending on when it is the
timeout can be 2 hours to 26 hours. Though this may have changed by now.
What happens is the server can reissue the key after two hours, but only
does so at a certain time. Rocke was thinking of changing this from once
every 24 hours to once every six hours though.