Keyspace Timeout

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Mon, 19 May 1997 23:26:44 -0600

I posted some of this info a week or two ago. Pardon the duplicated info.

Originally, keyspaces timed out no earlier than 2am MDT, and applied to
the previous day's keyspaces. That was a month ago! Not now!

Right now, keyspaces are not timed out.

When I resume timing out keyspaces, the old ones will not be timed out
for at least a day or two.

Stats are another story --

The original stats were based on the same code that handled keyspace
timeouts. They were based on keyspaces issued from midnight-to-midnight
(and received by 2 am). What appeared on the stats was equal to the
amount of keyspace issued less keyspace timed-out. The original stats
are still being computed the same way, however the keyspaces aren't
really timing out. This means the original stats are slightly
underestimating the actual number of keys being testing.

The new stats (courtesy of Karl Runge) are based on keyspaces received
by the server during a 24-hour day. Karl's program counts legitimate
keyspaces received, regardless of when the server issued the keyspace.
Though computed differently, the new stats are remarkably close to
the old stats.


Keyspaces won't time out for a long time after their issuance. Don't
worry. Chill out. :-)

-- Rocke