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Colin L. Hildinger (
Tue, 20 May 97 00:39:12 -0500

In that case, Rocke, can you set the server to issue larger keyblocks?
Just incrementing it to allow 2^31 would cut the number of dialins I
make each day in half, 2^32 would be better. I reboot so infrequently.
I know this is an old discussion. How close are you to setting up a
new server?

On Mon, 19 May 1997 23:26:44 -0600, DES Challenge Lists wrote:

>I posted some of this info a week or two ago. Pardon the duplicated info.
>Originally, keyspaces timed out no earlier than 2am MDT, and applied to
>the previous day's keyspaces. That was a month ago! Not now!
>Right now, keyspaces are not timed out.
>When I resume timing out keyspaces, the old ones will not be timed out
>for at least a day or two.
>Stats are another story --
>The original stats were based on the same code that handled keyspace
>timeouts. They were based on keyspaces issued from midnight-to-midnight
>(and received by 2 am). What appeared on the stats was equal to the
>amount of keyspace issued less keyspace timed-out. The original stats
>are still being computed the same way, however the keyspaces aren't
>really timing out. This means the original stats are slightly
>underestimating the actual number of keys being testing.
>The new stats (courtesy of Karl Runge) are based on keyspaces received
>by the server during a 24-hour day. Karl's program counts legitimate
>keyspaces received, regardless of when the server issued the keyspace.
>Though computed differently, the new stats are remarkably close to
>the old stats.
>Keyspaces won't time out for a long time after their issuance. Don't
>worry. Chill out. :-)
>-- Rocke

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