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Sun will reportedly sell encryption software through a Russian firm

May 19, 1997: 6:26 a.m. ET

NEW YORK (CNNfn) -- In an attempt to get around U.S. regulations
regarding the export of encryption technology, Sun Microsystems Inc. is
reportedly planning to sell data security software internationally through
a Russian supplier.

Sun is expected to say Monday that it will sell its software overseas by
licensing it to Elvis+Co., a company formed by former Soviet rocket
scientists, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

The United States has officially banned the export of encryption-related
technology out of concerns that it could be used for criminal purposes and
the government would not be able to crack such encoding.

An administration official told the Journal that at this time the White
House did not have enough information on the deal to comment on it.

Humphrey Polanen, general manager of Sun's network security products group
said the company had not talked about its plans with the government.

"This is not being done to subvert export-control laws but to deliver
solutions to customers," Polanen told the Journal.

The software will be sold under the name SunScreen SKIP E and uses
encryption algorithms including what's known as three-key triple DES and
128-bit ciphers, which are generally acknowledged to be extremely
difficult to break.

Current U.S. law states that only cryptography keys of up to 40 bits may
be exported. However, a proficient computer hacker can break such
technology quickly.

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