Gateway question

Jason Gmoser (
Tue, 20 May 1997 18:54:39 GMT

I was wondering how I can use a unix host as a firewall the way I use winproxy
on my windows machine.... Basically I have access to one of the machines on the
network, and in order to have deschall communicate with the outside world it has
to go through that machine. I can get out from that machine but that's it, so
it has to be set up as a proxy host... Any thoughts of where I could get some
software? It's running digital unix 3.2... BTW, it's got a 233MHz alpha and
nobody else was on, and the max I saw it get was about 600k/s... Mine's an intel
P5-200 and it gets 1048576k/s... Question-- is the k/s on the bitslice code

Jason Gmoser