Re: New Mac Client status?

andrew meggs (
Tue, 20 May 1997 15:08:32 -0400

>Last week, I recall hearing that there was a new Mac client in the works
>that would take care of the problems that us dial-up PPP users are having
>with timeouts when the connection gets closed then reopened. Seems I
>remember hearing that it would probably be released Monday. Well, it's
>Tuesday, and no word has come to me either way. Any update on this?

Yeah, I'm busy doing "real" work, and Rocke disapproved of some of the
changes I had made, which will require me to rewrite all the networking
code using Open Transport rather than using the existing sockets code
through an emulation layer, and the fancy new multiprocessor box that
Apple had loaned me just cooked itself making it difficult to validate
the MP code.

>I'm about to put a couple more machines ("Only" Mac IIs, but "every little
>bit", right? :) ) on this project full time (I'll be pulling them out of
>mothballs, so they're still technically "spare" cycles) but to do so, I'm
>going to need that new client version.

There will be no new client version for 68k Macs. Letting my computer sit
idle crunching keys during the time it would take to convert the changes
over to a 68k build will likely make up for any 68k users that can't use
the old client because of dialup problems. I just don't see that work as a
productive use of my life.

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