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Randy Weems (
Tue, 20 May 1997 12:35:12 PDT

> I ran the Win 95 version of ps, and I discovered that both threads
>of the DESGui front-end are running at NORM. Is one of the threads
>the key cracker? Shouldn't this thread be running at IDLE?

Neither of those threads are the key cracking code; the client
is started up as a detached child process, and its thread is
set for idle priority. The two threads in DESGui are the main
thread (that processes window messages, etc.) and the thread
that reads output from the client. Both threads spends >99%
of their time waiting for something to happen. I've considered
setting the priority of the thread that reads output from the
client to idle, but I guarantee it won't make any difference.
In short, the threads in DESGui itself are not CPU intensive;
They perform brief, infrequent tasks.

Run Wintop from Microsoft's Kernel toys package; it shows the
percentage of time spent in each process/thread. DESGui is
off the scale (on the low end) most of the time. I did a quick
calculation this morning from the info reported by Wintop.
Deschal5 (the child process) had used almost 19 hours of CPU
time and DESGui about 64 seconds. This works out to less than
0.1% of the CPU time for DESGui not even counting the time spent
on other processes (which would further lower DESGui's

Randy Weems

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