multiple interfaces with deschall-u2t

Randy Weems (alex_murray@VNET.IBM.COM)
Tue, 20 May 1997 16:03:35 -0400 (EDT)

I wrote,
> I think I'm going to try
> starting from square uno and build the perl5.004beta distribution, as well as
> a new rperl...unless anyone's got some other ideas for me to try...?

Well, I'm up and running: deschall-u2t 1.3 with a socksified perl5.004. I
suppose runsocks could have been used, but building a shared library under
AIX4.x is a somewhat nasty process and the socks5 distribution didn't know
squat about AIX-style shared libs...neither do I. :)

Here's an interesting problem; I have a 486dx4/100 machine I'd like to add to
the effort, but it's attached to the AIX RS/6000 machine via ethernet, whereas
the AIX box talks to the rest of the world over tokenring. Because there are
two interfaces, I'm seeing the following:

486 ( -> AIX en (
AIX tr ( <-> socks server <-> deschall-gateway
486 ( <- AIX en?(

....such that the 486 linux client complains:

Selftest passed
Program version: V0.214 Mar 12 1997 10:34:58
Received packet from host 49481D09
Received packet from host 49481D09
Received packet from host 49481D09

(49481D09 is, AIX's token ring address, in in-addr order hex bytes.)

The 486 client is retrying immediately upon receiving the "bogus" packet from
the AIX machine. Everything looks normal in AIX's u2t gw -- inbound request
from [], TCP send/receive to the gateway ok:

U2T 16882: connection from tp-en [] at port 1027 ...
U2T 21820: sent TCP request: I2 22 Linux V0.214 Mar 12 1997 10:34:58 ...
U2T 21820: got TCP reply: A2 - - - 10EA3E1F04010101 A42EA6409E7B4442 22 ...
U2T 16882: connection from tp-en [] at port 1027 ...
.... there any way in the deschall-u2t script that I can force it to bind
to a particular interface's IP address for the machine it's running on?
It's apparently receiving from INADDR_ANY, but sending as the token ring
address, regardless of which interface the request came in from. (I can't
disable tr0 cuz then I can't talk to the deschall-gateway...)

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