Re: Quit DESCHALL without reboot?

Seth D. Schoen (
Tue, 20 May 1997 16:59:54 -0400

>The current MacOS client responds to Apple Events, so you can tell it to
>quit from AppleScript (as in, "tell application deschall to quit") or write
>code in the high level language of your choice.

We're just testing this now in the lab, and we find that, while it does
respond to the AppleEvent, it responds by displaying the dialog asking
whether or not to finish before quitting. This dialog is a nice feature,
but we'd like some way to bypass it, since we'll be using a scheduler to
send the AppleEvent to make the Mac DESCHALL client quit unattended.

Would it be possible for you either to add a different menu command or
AppleEvent to make the program quit unconditionally, or add support for
testing some other condition to make the program exit?

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