Re: DESgui 1.2?

Colin L. Hildinger (
Tue, 20 May 97 23:19:45 -0500

On Tue, 20 May 1997 23:05:56 -0400, Rick Hornsby wrote:

>its odd though, because the system seems to be draining resources over time
>:/ The only non-background program I have running right now is Eudora.
>And usually the resource meter hangs around 93/93/98 (system/user/gdi) and
>with Eudora running around 90/90/96. But for some reason its sitting right
>now at 71/71/90. *sigh* the headaches of running a microsoft OS...I'll
>probably have to reboot within the next 12 - 18 hours to keep the resources
>above my self-imposed 60% _absolute_ minimum for idle. If anyone could
>shed some light (via personal email) on why windoze seems to keep draining
>until reboot, I'd sure appreciate it.

Gee, I'd been up for 1.5 weeks until my modem locked up today (I
picked up the phone while it was dialing and it never let go of the
line). Just giving you a hard time. I have a simple solution that I
used to use when I ran Windows. Reboot every day, whether you think
you need it or not, it'll save you that lockup/reboot at the inopertune
time (like in the middle of a time save of your term paper -
trust me that sucks, because it corrupts your file. <MS Word has cause
a GPF in module SUX2BU.EXE>).

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