What is DESgui 1.2 ?

Arvin Meyer (onsite@esinet.net)
Wed, 21 May 1997 10:16:11 -0400

Just downloaded des-win.zip and extracted it. I started it from the Dos
Prompt because it didn't appear to do much by double clicking on the
executable. My 200MHz Pentium seems to be eating up the numbers, and loving

It appears to be cranking away at 2^30 every 35 to 40 minutes, althought
the first few were smaller 2^26 9 sec. and 2^28, about 5 min. I didn't see
it connect to anything to get numbers though. And I'm wondering where it's
getting numbers from, and how it works. The readme doesn't say much.

What is DESgui 1.2 that you referred to in your e-mail?

Arvin Meyer
e-mail: onsite@esinet.net