Observations on linux-alpha64 binary problems

SubGenius (subg@atheist.tamu.edu)
Wed, 21 May 1997 11:20:22 +0600


It appears that the 64 bit binary for linux/axp gives up the ghost
consistantly when attempting to wade through blocks of 2^32 keys, and
about half the time when attempting to go through blocks of 2^31 keys.

When the process dies, it doesn't write anything to STDERR, nor does
anything get sent to syslog (specifically, the kernel doesn't
report any problems).

It does not consistantly die the same depth into the keyspace (if the
progress indicator dots do in fact indicate progress).

Given the size of the blocks in question, and given that when the
client is restarted it is assigned a block of 2^22 keys and from
there progresses upward, about three-quarters of the total cycles
the machine is devoting to computing keys is lost. As a result,
although the machine is averaging around 4 million keys/second for
completed blocks, the mean number of daily average is only
around 1 million keys/second. This seems like a Bad Thing.

If one of the alpha client coders/maintainers would like to have
access to the machine in question to try to solve the problem, or
if I could contribute any effort in smoothing out the linux/axp port
of the client, I'd be glad to help.

Yours etc.,


Version: 2.6.2