win95 perscription: 50mg of reboot daily (was Re: DESgui 1.2?)

Rick Hornsby (
Wed, 21 May 1997 13:47:07 -0400

Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but its the only place I've been able to
find a group of people who actually know what they're talking about when it
comes to operating systems and such ...

>At 23.19 05.20.97 -0500, Colin L. Hildinger wrote:
>>On Tue, 20 May 1997 23:05:56 -0400, Rick Hornsby wrote:


>Gee, I'd been up for 1.5 weeks until my modem locked up today (I
>picked up the phone while it was dialing and it never let go of the
>line). Just giving you a hard time. I have a simple solution that I
>used to use when I ran Windows. Reboot every day, whether you think
>you need it or not, it'll save you that lockup/reboot at the inopertune
>time (like in the middle of a time save of your term paper -
>trust me that sucks, because it corrupts your file. <MS Word has cause
>a GPF in module SUX2BU.EXE>).

hahah, sux2bu.exe :P

Rebooting is a simple solution, but that really doesn't answer my question.
Why on earth should I have to reboot every day? That seems like a waste.
What is going wrong that I should have to do that? I've lost a point in
each resource category just since last night.

To answer David's question about the kernel update, yes I've had that
installed for quite some time now, as well as a slew of other updates that
make my OS look like a raggedy patchwork quilt.

of 13 updates/patches ones that might be relevant include:
kernel (, shell common dll, common dlg library, OLE 16/32
Interoperablity library,network virtual file server, network redirector,
NWSERVER virtual device.

*sigh* I realize that in terms of the core OS, UNIX is far far superior.
But what might be wrong with windows (my computer?) that would force me to
reboot it so often, when a linux box could be left running and only
rebooted for a few things, like after recompiling the kernel? If nothing
else, is there a way to slow down the system degredation? Is NT any better
at releasing terminated/killed processes' resources back to the machine?


p.s. recognizing that UNIX is a better core OS, why don't I run it? 'cause
I don't have the time to learn every little thing to make it work right,
and I've not found anyone here that will teach me, or that I could call and
say "help! whats wrong with this damn thing?!" If any OSU folks want to
volunteer to be a mentor, it'd be appreciated ... perhaps even with
occasional pizza ;)