Re: win95 perscription: 50mg of reboot daily (was Re: DESgui 1.2?)

andrew meggs (
Wed, 21 May 1997 15:51:36 -0400

>I would have to argue for Unix to be a 10 - I've got three unix machines
>that have been up for over a year without problems.

Well, there are Unixes and there are Unixes. :)

We had a Linux 1.2.13 server that had to be rebooted every 6 weeks or so,
and often the file system would be trashed when it came back up. Upgrading
to 2.0.25
has solved everything but those catastrophic citywide multi-day power
outages due to hurricanes, but the early experience proved to me that being
"unix-based" is no guarrantee of stability.

I hate to work with it, but I'd give VMS a 10 (over 9 for a typical Unix).
Solid as a rock, and about as much fun to use.

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