Re: DDE4.MSG (or is it 5 I need)

Colin L. Hildinger (
Wed, 21 May 97 19:59:08 -0500

On Wed, 21 May 1997 17:55:06 MDT, wrote:

>I am running two P133 (OS/2) continually (ave ~600kKeys/sec) using Colin's
>REXX script, even though I have a continuous lan connection, as I could not
>get the deschal5 client to run as: deschal5

You mean the 5 line one or the dialin.cmd script? I didn't write the
dialin.cmd script, Rodney R. Korte did, and actually, someone else
looked up the date and time stuff for the other one. I pretty much
just put it on my web page.

>It gave me a no message file message (or unable to find message file, or
>something like that). None was present in the download I used. Am I missing

I believe you can get the message file elsewhere on Rocke's site. I
don't use it though, and it's not necessary.

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