Re: Help with Firewall

C. Mason (
Wed, 21 May 1997 21:51:29 -0400

At 02:32 PM 5/21/97 -0300, C Matthew Curtin wrote:
>I had been running for about 2 weeks the DESCHALL program on my WIN95
>machine at work. Then suddenly the next day when I came in, it didn't want
>to work. I don't know, but I believe that they may have put up a new
>firewall. I believed that they did have one before, but now they have a
>new one. Not knowing much about firewalls, I would like peoples help to
>get through this problem, so I can start killing off some of the keys.
>Any help would be great.
>If this is any help, we don't use a proxy with our Web Browsers.

This sounds similar to my problem. I mentioned a few days ago that our
firewall (BorderWare) allows transparent access to the internet (with no
changes in the client software), but only on standard ports. Obviously,
with such a setup, no proxy server is required, so we're basically out of
luck connecting to the key server. If the server could accept connections
on any standard port (ftp, telnet, ssh, http, mail, pop, etc.), this would
allow people in such a situation to participate.

(In fact, if it could allow tcp connections to a standard port, we wouldn't
even need the u-t script.)