Finding clients

TC Lai (
Wed, 21 May 1997 23:54:38 -0700

Don't forget to try interesting your local campus/area computer store in
running clients on their demo machines during off-hours and the night (if
they're networked.) Where else can you find the newest computers around?

Walked into the computer store and tried the PPC client on a PowerMacintosh
8600 - it finished 2^22 pairs of keys in 8 seconds, about1024 keys per
second! Of course, I stopped it afterwards, but opened up the browser and
set it to the UCLA page for DESChall in case some of the techs got

Gee, that's a good idea too. When you visit a lab or any other place with
public browsers, you don't have to run the client (especially if you've
been told *not* to) - just point the browser to the DESChall page (or your
local university DESChall page) - free advertising!


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