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Stephen Langasek (
Thu, 22 May 1997 13:01:30 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 22 May 1997, Gene Nelson wrote:

> Someone who knows the people over at needs to tell them that
> they are helping out the wrong effort. I just checked the other
> coordinated efforts page, and according to their stats,
> domain has 644 hosts working for them.

<grumble, mumble>

We know, we know... And we're trying, we're TRYING, but the odds are
against us. :) There are a lot of labs that are running the SolNET
client, probably more because the SolNET people got to them first than out
of any loyalty to the international effort. The comp center seems to
partly favor SolNET, and partly favor getting the whole thing off of their
campus completely. <sigh>

Fortunately, some of the computers listed there from the ISU domain are
historical only. Once I was made aware of DESCHALL, I switched, along
with about 10 other people, who have since recruited. :)

-Steve Langasek

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